9 Reasons Why You Love Your Golden Retriever

photo by samikki

  1. Your golden retriever is essentially a pal for everybody, quite friendly and often curious towards other people and dogs.  They don’t get in too much trouble or behave aggressively.
  2. Due to its non threatening attitude your dog is a big success amongst small children and seniors.
  3. To get a golden retriever to fully develop you want to make it an important part of your household.  Yes, it must be an additional member of the family if you wish it to become the ideal family dog.  As long as you make this happen the retriever can be an extremely faithful companion, the perfect friend as well as your ideal animal buddy.
  4. In addition to being a great family dog, the retriever is capable of an abundance of other abilities you can teach it. Several of these are usually:  hunting, retrieving (oh really? :), dog racing, or police dog training / locating drugs
  5. Dog obedience training is really a beneficial training for any kind of dog and is particularly beneficial if the owners would like to ensure that the dog listens to every family member. As retrievers are usually eager to please their owner their training should not be difficult.
  6. The golden retriever is really a well-balanced, sociable, intelligent and playful dog that is going to provide you, as well as your family members much energy and pleasure.
  7. It has an intelligent, and confident personality and is very well fitted to perform a variety of tasks.
  8. The golden retriever does well in various living scenarios therefore possessing a big backyard isn’t really a requirement. If you do possess a big backyard however, it is certainly  the better option, so that you can enable it to get exercise simply by actively playing and running around.
  9. The retriever is definitely a high energy dog and is an active person’s ideal walking/fast walking companion.

    Concluding: These are some of the reasons you may want to consider when you decide to get a dog for your family and why the golden retriever would make a good choice.

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