Where To Get Your Golden Retriever Pup

photo by Beatrice Milek

Where can i best get my golden retriever pup?

Often it is good practise to look around in your area for a serious hobby breeder with heart for the breed.  Of course you can also look for a professional breeder, but be careful. Try to find out if he only breeds retrievers. If he does, he probably likes the breed and does not only see them as a source of income.

Look for example on Breeders.net to find a local breeder.  Be sure to investigate a little, ask if the breeder breeds golden retrievers only, and if they do, visit them and have a look around to see how they are raised and treated. If the dogs have a happy demeanor, look healthy and have lots of space to run around and play, they probably are treated well.


Visit Breeders.net for a local search of breeders. just type in a postcode and you will get a list of breeders near you.

Another good source for a list of breeders is the golden retriever club of america.

When the breeder has no pups available they will help you out and problably ask you some questions to determine if you are a suitable owner to own one of their dogs.

Dont go too fast

The point i am trying to make is don’t go too fast when you are buying a puppy. Do the research , get the information, ask around and talk with the breeders to consequently get the healthiest pup you can. Make sure your pup has no illnesses or a genetic birth defect such as hip dysplasia. You will potentially save a lot of money if you select your pup carefully with the proper research done.

Take care to buy from a well reputed breeder. You wouldn’t want to be arbitrary in selecting a new additional family member would you?

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